About Us

For those who do not ride motorcycles, LEATHERPOINT.DE seems to be simply a company that manufactures motorcycle clothing.

Our company is more than just that. You wonder what makes our jackets so special?

Our jackets are designed to inspire people to ride a motorcycle. Our products are not simply motorcycle clothing,

but have been developed so that people can live their passion, namely motorcycling.

To be an inspiration for others and not just producers, you have to know what the customers want.

That is why LEATHERPOINT.DE consists of qualified employees who spend countless hours creating the perfect design and the perfect development for the customer.

So that they feel comfortable as a customer. Your safety is of course also very important to us, so we attach great importance to protection.

So that you can follow your dream on two wheels. That is why we started with LEATHERPOINT.DE in 1998, and is still driving to this day.